About SIP

A Systematic Investment Plan is popularly known as SIP which provides an option to start investing from a very small amount regularly in a preferred mutual fund. A SIP will deduct a fixed amount from the investor’s linked bank account every month, thus investing it in the preferred mutual fund.

Vistaya offers the best mutual funds for starting a SIP. Our portal offers online transactions and portfolio viewing facilities that are secure and safe. You can purchase, redeem and exit any mutual fund investment scheme with the click of a button. Experts at Vistaya shall review your portfolio every 6 months and advise on changes and enhancements. Vistaya is one of the most trusted financial planning companies in the advisory business which focuses on long-term investments and financial goals for investors.

Types of SIP?

  • Flexible SIP
    Flexible SIP is one of the most common types of SIPs in the market. The investor can increase or decrease the amount of SIP easily based on the availability of funds.
  • Perpetual SIP
    Perpetual SIP, as the name suggests, is when the SIP is started without mentioning any end date. While starting a SIP, the investor has to mention the start date and the end date. If the end date is not mentioned, the sip will continue till the time the investor expressly requests to terminate such SIP.
  • Trigger SIP
    SIP in this case is dependent on certain factors that would trigger an upwards or downwards effect in any SIP. Such triggers can be the level of NAV or index level or other similar factors.
  • Step-Up SIP
    Step-up investment is another form of SIPs where the investor can increase the amount of SIP on a periodic basis. This increase can be set annually or half-yearly or at the discretion of the investor. The SIP will then increase by the amount fixed at the set level. Such SIP provides the chance of increasing the investment of the investors with the increase in their income levels. 

Advantages of Systematic Investment Plan:

Rupee cost averaging:
The most effective way of investing in mutual funds is investing when the markets are low and redeeming the units when the markets are on a high. Investors have the possibility to earn high returns in such cases.

Compounding power:
The advantage of compounding is best gained through SIP. The returns get reinvested and it will benefit in getting more units for the investor. SIPs are, thus, best suited to investors that plan to stay invested for the long term. 

Practice financial discipline:
Another advantage of SIPs is inculcating a systematic habit to save and invest in the investors. It is quite common for many people to keep pushing the investment requirements to another day till the time it is often too late.

How to start SIP

An easier way of investing in SIPs is through Vistaya online option. The steps for the same are mentioned below.

  1. Investors have to simply sign up on the Vistaya website.
  2. Next step is to log in using the username and password generated at the time of registering.
  3. After that, the investor will have to select the fund that they want to invest in after careful research and analysis. You can reach out to our managers at Vistaya for expert advice.
  4. Select a SIP plan and enter the amount to be invested.

After paying the amount through any of the payment modes offered, the investor will have successfully started an SIP on Vistaya.