About Us

Investors need a qualified, trained, and unbiased professional to assist them to reach their short- and long-term financial goals in an ever-changing and turbulent financial market. Vistaya is one of the finest financial companies in Bangalore, having a team of specialists with more than a decade of expertise in the industry who are specialists in money management. We provide technology-based services to our clients to enable them to successfully monitor their investments and fulfill their financial goals. Our primary focus is on financial planning and wealth management. We strive to be the most dependable, fast, and effective insurance and financial services in Bangalore. We want to be a one-stop financial supermarket for our investors, providing assistance with Investment Planning, Tax Saving, Retirement Planning, Mutual Funds, Insurance- General and Health insurance, and other financial advice and financial management services.

What do We do?

We trust. We plan. We assist.

We believe that financial independence is a dream that can be realized with the right approach and vision. We think that correct financial planning and money management of your hard-earned money may help you establish a financially secure and worry-free future. We create a personalized financial strategy and personal financial plans for your impending golden years to help you reach that stability.

As a financial company, we also provide the best retirement programs to help individuals approaching or in retirement maintain their financial well-being. We help you make informed financial decisions so you can live the financially secure and worry-free life you’ve always wanted.

Why Vistaya?

  • Passive Investing: Long-term strategy for creating a diversified portfolio to match the market.
  • Portfolio Rebalancing: Maintain a proportion of debt & equity in your portfolio for higher returns
  • Move from regular to direct funds: Change your regular funds to direct funds in a few clicks and boost your investment returns.
  • External Portfolio tracking with Diagnostics: Track all your investments in one place & get recommendations from our expert advisors.

Services Provided by us

Maintaining of Contingency Fund

Risk management & Insurance Planning

Investment Planning & Asset Management

Retirement Planning

Estate Planning